Semi-Automated Kiosks for Product Personalisation
Enabling Scalable Retail Personalisation

Our personalisation kiosks enable your stores to engage and delight customers instantly using a small footprint, simple to operate, affordable engraving personalisation kiosk.


To ensure the success of your in-store product personalisation, prioritising ease of operation, scalability, and trouble-free functionality is crucial.

Our product personalisation kiosks are meticulously crafted for effortless operation and minimal maintenance.


The kiosk features an 18.5” high-resolution 10-point capacitive glass touchscreen, seamlessly integrated with a Wi-Fi enabled PC, facilitating remote support and remote updates.
180° rotational design allows staff to view and operate both the front and rear of the kiosk from behind a counter.

Our safe and quiet impact engraver has a maximum engravable area of 80x80mm and is perfectly suited to instant retail personalisation.
Highly detailed engravings of text, logo and handwriting are performed in seconds.
All of our engraving kiosk hardware is designed to be reliable and virtually maintenance free.


Each custom built personalisation kiosk has bespoke software incorporating your unique, simple and intuitive customer operated user interface.
This custom front-end enables your products to be personalised with their own design using text, images, logos or handwriting.
A staff only, hidden admin panel within the software enables any updates and changing of settings required by the retailer.

All of our innovative software development is carried out quickly and efficiently in-house.


Designed specifically for your products.

We design and manufacture bespoke positioning jigs to ensure your product is securely and consistently placed within the engraving machine.

This removes the variable of human error and allows for fool-proof premium product engravings.


Kiosk installation can be a simple preconfigured plug and play solution or a bespoke hands-on service to suit your operations and processes.

All of our kiosks have a comprehensive warranty and support package.
Most support requirements can be easily dealt with remotely or from the simple exchange of modular components.


Our engraving kiosks are designed to work with your products and enable personalised engravings to be as easy and quick as possible.

Staff approves a customer's design with a NFC enabled fob which then starts the kiosk's engraving onto the loaded blank product.
We also enable the kiosk to prohibit the input of censored words, further ensuring your in-store personalisation is safe and easy to operate.

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